Our Values

The lawyers at ELM regard the practice of law as more than just a career. We believe that we share a special calling to serve our clients and our community in a unique way. These values are evident in our relationships with:

We treat our clients the way we’d want to be treated as clients. We return calls promptly. We listen. We deliver excellent service, quickly, and at a reasonable cost. If we don’t believe we are the most qualified to help you with a particular legal need, we’ll tell you so and help you find someone who is better prepared to handle it.

Judges, Colleagues, and Opponents
As lawyers, we conduct ourselves with only the highest professional standards and have earned a reputation with judges and other lawyers as tenacious advocates who nevertheless act with integrity, civility, fairness, and sound business judgment. This leads to better results for our clients, at a lower cost.

The Community
As members of families and our community, we also understand that there is more to this life than just making money or achieving success in our careers. As a firm and as individuals, we seek to lead balanced lives and support a number of charitable organizations with donations of time and money.

The shared sense of calling of our lawyers, combined with our structure, allows our clients to benefit from long-term relationships with skilled advocates who truly enjoy the practice of law.

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