ELM Starts Off 2017 With Three New Associate Attorneys

New Attorneys Collage

ELM’s new attorneys, left to right: Brock Hartman, Cosmin Popa, and Peter Dolan.

Ellis, Li & McKinstry enters the New Year with three new associate attorneys. Brock Hartman, Cosmin Popa, and Peter Dolan all joined ELM over the course of this past year and bring vastly different experiences to their practice at ELM. They each focus on a different area of law, ranging from business litigation to estate planning.

Peter Dolan is the most recent to arrive at ELM. Peter brings a unique skillset and perspective to the practice of law, having worked for two years in Olympia as Staff Counsel to the Washington State Senate. After two years of drafting bills and providing advice and insight to elected officials, he now offers advice and insight to ELM’s clients, practicing in a variety of business and litigation matters.

Cosmin Popa also draws on his unique background to serve his clients. Before he went to law school, Cosmin spent nearly a decade working as a general contractor, doing mostly custom residential construction and light commercial work. Prior to joining ELM, Cosmin and his wife managed a senior care facility. Cosmin’s rich set of experiences means he knows what’s at stake for his clients and their families. He works primarily in the area of estate planning.

Brock Hartman‘s practice currently focuses on business litigation and commercial transactions. Brock also has experience in commercial litigation and sports law. His diverse legal training bolsters his ability to assist a broad range of clients—both individuals and businesses—in achieving their goals.

Though each of ELM’s new attorneys brings a separate expertise to the firm, together they share an enthusiasm for working side-by-side to serve their clients. “I’m excited to be at ELM,” says Brock. He calls ELM a “close-knit group of lawyers that have practiced together for a long time.” He adds, “Each one excels in their area of practice and so I look forward to learning from them and continuing to develop into the best attorney I can be.”

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